Relaxation Dentistry


One of the primary reasons that many people don’t go to the dentist and receive vital care for their teeth and gums is dental anxiety. Fear of going to the dentist is very common and it is not something that people should not be ashamed of in anyway. Nowadays there are a variety of ways for dentists to help fearful patients receive the care they deserve. Sleep dentistry, also known as sedation dentistry, at our New York City-area practice can get you through major and minor dental procedures without pain and discomfort. In fact, with Dr. Kosdon’s sleep dentistry techniques, you can complete your treatment in such a deep state of relaxation that you will not even know you had dental work performed until the procedure is already complete.


Sleep dentistry does not have to involve I.V. sedation. In fact, the only thing you’ll need to do to ensure the most relaxing, anxiety-free dental experience possible is take a small pill. Oral conscious sedation dentistry involves the taking of a pill about one hour before you arrive to our office for treatment. You should make arrangements for someone to drive you to our practice, as the pill will make you drowsy. Once our cosmetic dentist begins your treatment, you will be in a state of deep relaxation, not a state of total sleep. A member of our dental team will be monitoring your vital signs during the entire treatment process to make sure that everything is all right. Conscious sedation does not render you unconscious, it puts you in a state of extreme relaxation, making it possible for you to not experience discomfort or pain during your treatment. Once the procedure is finished, it’s entirely possible that you may not even remember it being performed.

The effects of oral conscious sedation dentistry last about two to six hours. It’s best for you to make arrangements with a friend or family member who can take you to and from our office.

So many of us experience extreme anxiety when going to the dentist, in fact, it affects about 50 percent of Americans. Sleep dentistry alleviates these fears and offers a very simple way of ensuring your visit with us is not only anxiety-free, but also a pleasant experience. It could mean the difference between having healthy, beautiful teeth and gums, and making small problems worse by not attaining necessary dental care.